Divorce is Costly

This blog is to help others who are either going through, or thinking about getting a Divorce.  It is a really painful, heart-wrenching time especially if you have children but above all you need to take care of yourself and assets.


Ask around for recommendations, we highly recommend http://helpwithfamilylaw.co.uk/ they have offices in Glasgow and Edinburgh and other parts of the UK.  They are easy to speak to and don’t judge.  There is nothing nice about airing our problems in public, but things have obviously got so bad that you need to separate and divorce your partner.

Telling the Kids

Most people will say that you both need to sit the kids down and tell them, however depending on the circumstances you might not be able to do this.  Divorce is not an ugly word these days, it happens, the most important thing is how it impacts the kids directly.  That really is what they are concerned with, they want to know where they will live, how will they get to see both parents and when will the changes happen.  Nobody likes change, but for them, their entire world is turning upside down.  You need to assure them that the divorce will be as drama free as possible and that both parents still have their best interests at heart.

Protect Your Assets

Occasionally divorces can start off with fairly easy communication.  Making the assumption that you can keep it clean and be civil.  However, when you start dividing assets and discussing who has brought what into the relationship you can start to see aggressive behaviour or resentment.  Divorce is never nice and nobody enters into a marriage thinking they will get divorced or legally separated, however it happens.  You now need to equip yourself with legal representation for your future.

If you are looking for a wills and probate solicitors we recommend https://executrylawyers.co.uk/


  • Get a good lawyer – the best you can for your budget.
  • Research your rights also
  • Communicate to the best of your ability