Divorce Solicitor

Legal Advice

You should get yourself a divorce solicitor as soon as possible, divorce is probably one of the worst things that will ever happen to you but you must meet it head-on.  The fact is it will not go away if you try to ignore it, or worst still stick your head in the sand.

Families and Divorce

Family members will have your best interest at heart, but they should stay out of negotiations etc.  Everyone will be looking to you, to see what you want them to do;

  • Should they take them off Facebook?
  • Should they speak to the other person in the street?
  • Should they avoid them?

These are certainly not legal issues, however things can escalate and you can find yourself in a very bitter argument that could result in the police being called to your home.  You don’t want this as someone could end up in the cells for the night and you may need a divorce solicitor or Lawyer to get you out.

Access to Children

Partners who have primary custody of children can play games.  This is a fact, it is unfair and the only ones who get hurt long-term are the kids.  Another consideration when speaking to a Divorce Solicitor is bank holidays and birthdays, festive holidays etc.  Some assume its year about, but until you have the conversation you don’t know what the implications may be.

Holiday Time

Your divorce solicitor will advise that you need the primary carer’s consent to take a child out of the U.K. so make sure you have something in writing via your solicitor.

There will be things that you don’t need to speak to a divorce solicitor about, ideally that will be the case for the most part, however you never know when new people come into the circle what will happen.  People can be influenced to change their mind and go back on decisions already agreed.