Paternity Rights

Children and Divorce

One of the most difficult things about divorce can be not seeing the kids on a daily basis.  The daily interaction is, or can be gone.  You need to know your paternity rights ASAP as you want to maintain the best possible relationship with your kids.

New Beginnings -v- Past Life

You will start a new relationship with someone else, you may have no control over the timing of this.  It may take 1 year, it may take much less.  You need to be informed about your paternity rights so you can help the kids to see you with a new person and also manage expectations of your new partner.  Regardless how it works out, if you separate from the kids mother or father, any new person coming into the situation will be cautious.  If one person is a parent it changes the dynamics of the couple.  1 person loves the kids and the other isn’t really that bothered, unless this is managed delicately it could ruin a potentially fantastic relationship.  Your paternity rights are important, you have earned them, you have clothed and loved your kids from the second they were born, so safeguard yourself and get legal advice.

Struggling to see Kids

A lot of partners get spiteful and resentful, especially if they see one person getting a better, healthier more successful life without them.  This can make them quite twisted inside and one way they can hurt their ex-partner is through the kids.  Your paternity rights mean you will have the chance to spend time with your kids, you have a legal entitlement to this, but be careful not to put the kids in the middle of a war zone as that would be unfair.  Don’t pass stories or vicious comments through the kids, they will probably just want kept out of it.  The worst case scenario is that they feel they have to pick a side, and they don’t pick you!


  • Keep things private as much as possible
  • Don’t include the kids in arguments – keep them out
  • Know your paternity rights and keep a note of anything that happens that you feel is genuinely unfair.  Speak to your Lawyer